TT&C services

TT&C services

TT&C design and implementation
Provide integrated TT&C solutions, give you all the data and info from your satellites
In-orbit management
Attitude monitoring, daily management and emergencies handling services
Frequency and launch permit applications
To assist you in satellite pre-launch formalities
Satellite big data services
Accurate analyses of satellite data to promote efficiency and reduce cost for you
TT&C facilities

TT&C facilities

Multi-functional TT&C ground stations
Full TT&C capabilities on U-, V-, S- and X-band. Modular design and fully automated operation
Space-ground communication modules
On-board transponders and communication systems
Ground test equipments
Testing equipments for satellite capabilities and performance, and ground segment related accessories.
Space related education

We provide satellite models, ground stations toolkits, and supporting teaching materials.
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Haidian District,Beijing
About Satelliteherd
Founded in October 2016, Beijing Aerospace Satelliteherd Science
and Technology Co., Ltd.(Satelliteherd) is a pioneer in the field of commercial satellite TT&C in China. With our expertise in building cost-effective, multi-band ground stations, and our ability to design and produce satellite on-board communication modules, we can provide a very competitive, fully-integrated communication service for commercia satellites.
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