TT&C service for commercial satellites

Satelliteherd is a Chinese company to offer professional TT&C solutions for commercial satellites, including on-board communication modules, ground-station facilities, and whole-life technical service.
New designed multi-functional ground station

> Full TT&C capabilities on V-, U-, S- and X-band
> Fully automated operation
> Highly efficient and flexible network

Convenient and reliable TT&C service

> Space-ground link anytime, anywhere
> In-orbit management
> Related business registration
Global coverage

> First step: cover China's territory
> Second step: key stations overseas
> Cooperations with international partners
Hub for satellite data

> Space-ground data center
> TT&C data mining
> Satellite big data services
Our partners
Satelliteherd makes TT&C easier, more effective, more reliable.
Contact us

Address: Room A601,Building1,Shengjing Business Park T01,Youyi Road,
Haidian District,Beijing
About Satelliteherd
Founded in October 2016, Beijing Aerospace Satelliteherd Science
and Technology Co., Ltd.(Satelliteherd) is a pioneer in the field of commercial satellite TT&C in China. With our expertise in building cost-effective, multi-band ground stations, and our ability to design and produce satellite on-board communication modules, we can provide a very competitive, fully-integrated communication service for commercia satellites.
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