TT&C service for commercial satellites

Satelliteherd is a Chinese company to offer professional TT&C solutions for commercial satellites, including on-board communication modules, ground-station facilities, and whole-life technical service.
New designed multi-functional ground station

> Full TT&C capabilities on V-, U-, S- and X-band
> Fully automated operation
> Highly efficient and flexible network

Convenient and reliable TT&C service

> Space-ground link anytime, anywhere
> In-orbit management
> Related business registration
Global coverage

> First step: cover China's territory
> Second step: key stations overseas
> Cooperations with international partners
Hub for satellite data

> Space-ground data center
> TT&C data mining
> Satellite big data services
Our partners
Satelliteherd makes TT&C easier, more effective, more reliable.
Contact us

Address: Kerui Research Building Room 202, Plan II of Zhongguancun Software Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100193
About Satelliteherd
Beijing Aerospace Satelliteherd Science and Technology CO.,Ltd was founded in October 2016. It is the pioneer of TT&C services in China. With its expertise in building cost-effective, multi-band ground stations,  and its capacity to design and produce satellite on-board communication modules, Satelliteherd can provide a very competitive, fully-integrated communication service for commercial satellites.

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